Recently one billion people used Facebook in a single day. That means 1 in every 7 people on Earth use Facebook.


This shows us that how big social media is and what a powerful marketing tool it will prove to be- only if it is handled correctly.

Long gone are the days when most companies had the attitude Anyone can do it’ towards social media marketing. Managing social media is more than just tweeting over weekends. It is now a full time task that needs skills, learning, knowledge, and an innovative mind.

An in-house SMM comes with its own baggage. With limited resources and tight budget, it isn’t easy to breed and keep a good and well-skilled in-house SMM team. Outsourcing your whole SMM has its own concerns like trust, control, quality etc. but it comes with effective benefits too.

To get you out of your dilemma, we got you 10 reasons why you should always hire a social media agency to handle your SMM.

Saves you precious time

Making an in-house SMM team isn’t at all easy. You have to spend time on hiring, staffing, training, monitoring, payments, policies, distribution, management of the new employees. Plus training all these new employees will need a highly skilled and efficient marketing leader but they too lack in skills, new technologies, efficiency.

Your company has other more important and critical tasks to do. So why to burden yourself by including adding a new department?

It is better to hire a SMM agency which comes with a team of skilled professionals to manage your social media channels so that you can devote your time to other important business tasks.

Cost effectiveness

Hiring a whole in-house social marketing team is expensive and what burns a hole in your pocket is its maintenance. People, systems, softwares, legal fees, salaries, benefits, perks and other overheads like medical leaves are not easy to deal with because of limited resources and budget.

Thus in comparison to in-house SMM team an outsource agency is much cost efficient. When you hire an agency, they come with resources, essential softwares, experience and skilled team of professionals who don’t need salaries, bonuses, overheads and maintenance from you.

in-house vs agency

Experience does matter

Hiring a recent college graduate as your in-house social media marketer may seem to be cost effective for now. But for a long run in social marketing, experience wins.

It takes time and money to train an entry level person. It is impossible for a person to just acquire all the right skills and expertise in such a short time.

It takes a seasoned and well experienced marketer to have the right skills, knowledge of latest trends and adaptability of the ever changing environment of social media. Experienced marketers know what strategy will work best for your company and what will doom it.

Horned skills result in professionalism

An insensitive post, ill executed strategy or plagiarized content shows lack of professionalism and can plummet the reputation and name of your company.

A seasoned social media marketer knows the rules and regulations of maintaining professionalism in social media contents too. You don’t have to worry about the tonal quality of the content as it is being created and distributed by experienced professionals.

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You get latest technologies and trends without learning them

You know, by the time you will finish with this article a new social media tool might get launched. Social media is always evolving. New tools will be added on daily basis.

Social media marketing agencies are in deep with every aspect of their field. They follow the latest trends and newest technologies consistently. They are the first one to know when a tool is launched and test it and will utilize the best one for your company according to the need.

Plus these agencies come with premium-level services, softwares, purchased tools which saves you loads of money and time too.

Increase effectiveness of your existing staff

Everybody has to make adjustments when a new addition comes in the family. Same is the case when it comes to business. Existing departments in the company have to make adjustments, compromises (cut in funds, staff etc.) and additions when a new department is added.

Everybody department may or may not understands the depth and importance of social media marketing. This affects their efficiency, productivity and decision making because they will have to mend certain policies in accordance with your social media policies which can result in a mess.

If you hire a social media marketing team, it will retain the flow of work, consistency of your other departments and a better SMM strategy will be born. This will increase productivity in your business both ways.

More innovation and newness

One of the major issues with in-house SMM is that they lack innovation. Employees don’t express ideas, point out mistakes or put forward their concerns out of the fear of demotion or job loss.

As a boss, your perspective for any marketing strategy is business. This is why sometimes the main focus- audience gets blurred by the ultimate focus- business. Your expectation from your employee will be to generate business rather than thinking of something for the customer.

This is why you should opt for outsourcing an agency. These seasoned players of social media marketing know which tie will go with which suit. They will incorporate your needs with the big picture- the need of your audience. They tend to create new contents, designs that will be suitable for you and your target audience.

No staff ‘scalability’ issues

Every business has to go through the ups and downs in an economy. When economical gloom hit, companies tend to cut down cost by cutting out the employees.

Marketing is first depart they tend to hit at as it is considered ‘elective’. Attrition in business is expensive as it results in drainage of assets like staff, skills and knowledge.

As for now when social media marketing is ‘in’, the only way to increase the output and overcome the workload of in-house SMM team is to extend the employee base. This brings us back to ground zero for new recruitments.

Thus this scalability issue can be solved by hiring a social media marketing agency.

Edge over your competition

Social media marking’s popularity is growing every day. So is the competition. But still there are some companies and businesses that are yet to adopt it as a full-term marketing strategy, whereas some are still favoring ‘anybody can do it’ attitude.

SMM agencies are adequately skilled at dealing with competitive surroundings. Using their expertise, you gain a niche over your competitors. You will already have the right audience which they have not discovered yet.

Plus good social media ranking boost your search ranking too. Google now considers social media influence while giving ranking to a page or website. A good social media ranking results in better SEO by Google.

Scoop that law soup

Sincere and reliable social media marketing agencies will always take care of their strategies legitimacy, authenticity and ethicality. They themselves will not want to end up in any legal loop and diminish their company’s name.

Non-caring attitude, shortcuts may end up with your company having banned pages, lawsuits, penalties etc. which will result in a negative reputation and loss in business.

You can rest assure with outsourcing to a SMM agency that it most likely will not get you and itself in any legal trouble and it is working ethically.

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