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At some point, you’ve probably wondered what the top website on the Internet is and even Googled it. But when your query yielded 2.9 billion results, you probably wondered which parameters to adopt in order to narrow the results to just one site.

Sifting through 2.9 billion sites is a gigantic task—it could take hundreds of years, and you’d have to be crazy to even start. So without hope of discovering the best site on the web yourself, you’re left having to rely on the results displayed on the first page of Google.

New findings from the online ad network Chitika confirm that on average, first-page searches on Google account for 33 percent of the search engine’s traffic, second-page searches account for 18 percent, and traffic only goes down from there. This shows that Internet users don’t like to squander time searching through random sites and instead accept the pages Google serves up as the best.

But how do search engines like Google know which site is best? And who gave them the right to choose? Rest assured, they aren’t breaching any laws. In fact, they modify their search algorithms according to research on their users.

Maybe you’ve designed a great website based on your customers’ requirements, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be featured on the first page of any search engines. So how can you get search engines to display your website on their front pages?

This is where an SEO agency, or search engine optimization agency, comes in. An agency’s only job is to understand the algorithm for a particular search engine and deliver a perfect solution to its clients.

Let’s take a look at the necessity of SEO for website rankings and understand an SEO agency’s role in promoting a well-designed website.

Google is the people’s choice—it leads the core search market and took a 64.4 percent of all search queries conducted in 2015—so we’ll concentrate on it.

seo agency

Ensures a good search engine rank

Even if your content is on the front page of Google now, it won’t always be. Google continually develops new algorithms to understand the essence of websites and their relevance to searchers.

An SEO agency is well-versed in the intricacies of Google’s algorithms and identifies the organic keywords, data, and traffic required for websites. It keeps websites near the top of the rankings by monitoring changes in the search engine world and applying those changes to websites.

Helps you make money

Unless you launched your website in the name of philanthropy, you expect to make financial gains through it.

An SEO agency markets your website by turning it into a brand. Since search engines look for the readership of a particular website across different social platforms, an SEO agency shares website links across various social platforms. Thus, an SEO agency makes your website ubiquitous, and in this way, it becomes a magnet for advertisements. Then, money will start pouring into your business.

Assists e-commerce to grow

The e-commerce industry accounts for a major part of today’s searches. It has revolutionized shopping and is worth trillions of dollars. Somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase, and this number is only expected to increase.

For small and medium businesses aspiring to scale up, this is the best place to invest. Hiring an SEO agency will give you an edge over your competitors. Your SEO agency’s in-depth analysis and research will improve buying cycles and help you discover new avenues for sales.

If you’re just venturing into e-commerce, you need to hire an SEO agency to keep a hold on your customers. The more your website appears in front of your customers’ eyes, the higher your chances of converting visitors or leads into regular customers.

Makes your work cost-effective

It’s important to be shrewd when investing money in website promotion. Traditional techniques like PPC (pay per click) are costly. In the PPC model, you share revenue with a third-party that is responsible for promoting your website. This disturbs your budget and reduces your earning potential.

On the other hand, an SEO agency looks after your website and attracts advertisements without taking a penny out of your earnings. Its services might seem expensive at first, but an SEO agency provides a great return on investment (ROI). SEO delivers results quickly, but unlike PPC, it isn’t financially scarring. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to flood your consumers with email.

Makes your website a rock star

Why treat your website like anything less than a rock star? Your SEO agency ensures it will get a place on the first page of Google, and it will keep you up to date with changes in the search engine world.

Helps develop a healthy relationship with clients

Your SEO agency will leave no stone unturned in order to attract customers. With its help, you will become closer to your customers because those customers will visit your site more often. And if you’re on the first page your customers’ search results, you’ll be sure to impress your authenticity and credibility on them.

Handles your website on mobile platform

With the growth of technology, older devices are making way for smart devices like mobiles and tablets. Currently, billions of people around the world are using mobiles and tablets to do most of their business through these gadgets. You don’t want to be left behind on this huge potential market. An SEO agency is equally prepared to handle your website on mobile platforms.

As a website designer, you probably realize that although you might know what your customers need, you might not be able to charm them. In order to penetrate the hearts of your customers, consult an SEO agency before launching a website. The agency understands SEO and will know how to make your website number one. If you don’t want to languish behind your competitors, take action today!

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