“Leads are the metric that, as marketers, we rely on, because leads mean money.”

                                                                                                    – Kipp Bodnar, Director of Marketing, HubSpot.

Like everyone else, you too want to know the answer of this question “who needs a better lead generation strategy? And the answer to this question is, today every business needs lead generation strategy.

Small businesses need it to get off the ground, whereas large businesses need it for fighting their saturation point.

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The goal of this article is to show you that today everyone is looking for ways to make their lead generation strategy more efficient.

So, without wasting any time, let us dive in.

How large companies use lead generation strategy to get off the ground?

Large companies already have a customer base, but still, they face a struggle in retaining their customers due to increase in the competition.

According to the survey of B2B magazine, 61% of marketers believe that generating high-quality leads is the biggest challenge they face.


Do not worry because According to the survey of Ascend2, email marketing was by far the most effective marketing technique to improve lead generation strategy.


It is no wonder because email marketing has generated 50% more sales at 33% lower costs. In fact, email marketing provides 4,300% ROI for businesses in the United States.

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So, if you are planning to use email marketing, then you must follow these steps for a better result.

  1. Improve your email subject line and make sure that your subject line is relevant to your audience.
  2. Personalize your email.
  3. Make your email visually appealing by using an image, but keep in mind the image must appeal to the emotion of the recipients.
  4. Ensure that your emails are visually appealing; use relevant images in your emails to appeal to the emotion of the recipients.
  5. Use a good call to action in your emails in order to catch viewer’s eyes.
  6. Make your email easy to share by including social share link.
  7. Last but not the least make your email mobile friendly.

Now let us dive into an example of a company who has improved its lead generation strategy through email marketing.



Craghoppers is a British outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier, set up by outdoor enthusiasts who were planning an expedition to climb Mount Everest.

They wanted gear which would withstand the harshest of conditions, so they researched and designed fabrics that would protect them from the extreme cold.

They reached the summit of Everest and, upon their return, set up the outdoor clothing company.

Challenges face by Craghoppers

The major challenge the company faced was the cart abandonment. So, was looking ways to retarget customer who has abandoned their online shopping cart.

In simple word, the company was looking way to improve its ROI.


The company decided to target those customers who have abandoned their online shopping cart by using personalized follow-up emails.

In the Follow-up email, they offered up to six alternative products for customers, based on their online shopping cart abandoned. The company sent two emails to its customer within 24 hours.



  1. 711% improvement in ROI.
  2. Re-engagement of 56% registered users.
  3. 10% improvement in sales.

How medium companies use lead generation strategy to get off the ground?

Just like large companies, medium size companies also need lead generation strategy because they did not have a large volume of interested customer base like large companies do.

To generate more leads medium size companies need to focus on creating awareness of the product and this can be only possible through content marketing.

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According to the survey, 83% marketer relies on content marketing for lead generation.


It is a strategic approach which is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately to drive profitable customer action.

If you are thinking of doing content marketing for your company then below are few tips which will help you:

  1. Focus on creating content based on ideal buyer personas.
  2. Identify your customer’s needs and requirement and answer their entire question through a blog, articles, white paper or eBooks.
  3. Include creative, strong and persuasive CTA within your content.
  4. Create a content which is easily being consumed on different multimedia resources.
  5.  And don’t forget to do guest posting because it will help you to reach to wider audience.

Let us dive into an example of a company who use content marketing for lead generation.



About InsideOut

InsideOut is a professional service firm which provides leadership, management, and front-line employee training programs.

Challenges face by InsideOut

Inside out company face mainly two challenges:

  1. The company wants to decrease it’s unsubscribed rate.
  2. They want to create awareness of their brand.


To cope with these problems, InsideOut took the help of content marketing. They divide its content marketing campaign into four different stages.

  1. The very first step the company took is that they create a content which visually had appeal their customers.
  2. The second Step the company took is that they provide the content in all different formats which is easy for the visitor to consume the content as per their preferences.
  3. The third step they took is that they keep the content consistent with the brand and they published content regularly.
  4. The fourth step they took is that they promoted the content through company owned, paid and earned channel.



  1. 388% improvement in lead generation.
  2. 20% increase in click through rate.
  3. 87% decrease in unsubscribe rate.

How small companies use lead generation strategy to get off the ground?

As we have discussed above that every company need lead generation strategy, if they want to survive in this competitive world?

Growing small sized company is difficult because small size company faces numerous challenges like access to capital, creating sustainable revenue, making payroll etc. and one of the major challenges they face is lead generation.

But, many small businesses found the way out of this problem they have realized that having a presence on social media can improve their lead generation.

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In fact, 78% of small businesses now get at least a quarter of their new customers via social media.

It is a process of creating content that is tailored to the context of each indidvidul social media platform, in order to drive user engagement and sharing.

Over the years, social media has become one of the most important lead generation tools for businesses.

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In fact, 58% marketer who has been using social media for three years or longer cite that it helped them increase sales manifold.

Here are the few tips which will help you to optimize social media marketing properly.

  1. Promote gated content. A gated content can be anything from webinar to whitepapers or any other form of detailed content.
  2. Give giveaways and run a contest. By doing this you will lot of audience.
  3. Choose the geo-target option for your social media post in order to reach a wider audience.

Now let us dive into an example of a company who uses social media marketing to improve its cost per engagement.



About Webtrends

Webtrends is a private company which provides digital analytics, optimization and a number of other software solution related to digital marketing.

Challenges face by Webtrends

  1. They want to increase the flow of inbound from twitter.
  2. They want to keep the cost per lead and cost per engagement as low as possible without increasing its marketing budget.


  1. Webtrends started using promoted tweets with lead generation cards to connect with users, they also build an email database of qualified prospects.
  2. The company also used Google AdWords for building keyword list around the interest area such as landing pages and social analytics.

Once the promoted tweets campaign began, the brand used keyword targeting in timeline and search with the existing list in order to save time and effort.


The company also used the @username targeting to connect with digital marketers.


The brand also used promoted tweets to share the content like whitepapers and PDF resources to engage with an audience.



  1. 996% improvement in a lead acquisition.
  2. 500% improvement in cost per lead.
  3. 300% improvement in cost per engagement.