Do you really want your Facebook post to get infect by tons of likes, Shares, and comments? Yes, we know, you do want that. But it’s not easy as you think.

There are quite a few factors that make a post viral on Facebook. Think about it from the follower perspective: why do you choose to like or share certain Facebook post?

It is because they share valuable content that appeals to your interest and needs, emotional content, or it is image, facts, video, challenge, discount deals, offers or funny content which makes you laugh.

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What it is, that makes you share the Facebook Post? Don’t scratch your head, so hard.

Today in this blog post, we’ve compiled some examples of Facebook post that went viral like a wildfire and we will also explore why they went viral.

The post that Share Emotion Go Viral

Emotion plays a crucial role in making a post viral. People love to share that content which shows emotion, such as joy, sadness, anger, amusement, laughter, etc.

According to the research of Buzzsumo, the most popular emotion invoked was:


  • Awe (25%)
  • Laughter (17%)
  • And amusement (15%).

Conversely, the least popular emotions were sadness and anger, which made up 7%.

Why post that share emotion go viral:

There are no exact reasons why people share the emotional content but according to the study of New York Times, the primary reasons of sharing emotional contents were:

  1. Bring valuable and entertaining content to one another.
  2. Define themselves to others (give people a better sense of who they are).
  3. To grow and nourish relationships (stay connected with others).
  4. for self-fulfilment (to feel more involved in the world).
  5. To get the word out on causes they care about.

Here is an example of  the Facebook post that gone viral due to the emotional content:

Brand Page name: Converse

Viral touch: Emotion-based


This post was posted by Converse in 2014. The post aimed to invoke the idea of love with their brand and to establish a deeper connection of user with their brand. This post blew up on Facebook and was shared over 89,000 times on Facebook.


Post something like this on your Facebook page that moves your followers. But remember whatever emotion you will show that will directly reflect your brand. So be careful.

The post that Offer Prizes Go Viral

It’s true, the post that offers prize go viral because people love free stuff. So, whenever you Offer something which benefits the people, they go crazy. They share that post with their friends and then these friends share that post to their friends. This way the post reaches to the maximum people.

Why post that share offer prize go viral:

One of the main reason going viral is that when you offer something which is free. People love it they do free marketing for you, which is word of mouth, and it’s a great tool to reach a much broader audience, in this digital space.

Here is an example of a Facebook post that gone viral due to the offered prize:

Brand Page name: HOMAGE

Viral touch: Offer prize


Homage is an online retailer which sales t-shirts and footwear. In 2013, Homage posted a post on Facebook, which went viral.  Homage earns over 141,000 fans through this strategy.

The idea of the post was to give FreeT-shirt to the winner who finishes the finish the phrase “O-H…” (It’s a cheer that Ohio State fans are famous for.)


If you want your post to go viral, do something like this.But remember offer a prize which you can afford and the prize should showcase your product or brand.

Do not try to give something expensive which your brand cannot afford because you don’t want your offer to steal your bank.

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The Post that Suprise people with Research go viral.

In this competitive world, people love that information which is backed by data. So, offer something which your audience are not aware of and you will see that your post is highly shareable. Because everyone wants to learns something new, which they did not know.

A study by Brian Carter on why people share on Facebook found that people like to share content both fact and images that surprise them.

Why post that share surprising research go viral:

  1. People love those post which particularly challenges current perception with new research and trends.
  2. It keeps them updated with new information which is relevant and solve their query.

Here is an example of the Facebook post that gone viral due to the surprising research:

Page name: Huffpost

Viral touch: Post Backed by Research.


This post was posted by Huffpost which share over 4 lakh. And the reason behind the post going viral was that this post highlighted new research challenging the prevailing wisdom about addiction.


This can make your post go viral but, remember one thing that is you need to back up your post up with supporting argument and sources.

The post that uses eye-catching Image go viral.

People love those photos on the internet which make them laugh, cry or go “awww”. So, posting an image on facebook is an easy way to make your brand popular because photos on facebook get slightly higher edge rank, which means better visibility in the news feed.

Why post that share eye-catching image go viral:

One of the main reason of going viral is that people get attracted to the image which encourage them to share.

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Here is an example of a Facebook post that gone viral due to the eye-catching image:

Page name: Caribbean King

Viral touch: Eye catching image


This post shared on facebook by the Caribbean king on October 20th that garnered a whopping 14,642 shares. The idea of this post image to ask people where they share their status.


Like this, you can also make your post go viral. The only thing you need to focus is the quality of the image. But remember, don’t use the image on every single post, keep it interesting by mixing links, videos, question or text.

The post that uses narrative short post Go Viral

If you want your post to go viral then you have to keep your post short generally between 60 to 80 character it is because people love to scan on facebook and keeping the post short get a better response.

A study by Buddy media showed that post 80 characters or less in length receive 27% higher engagement rates.

Why the narrative short post go viral:

  1. People get attracted to short catchy words which encourage them to read.
  2. The shorter post gets more attention on Facebook.

Here is an example of a Facebook post that gone viral due to its narrative short post:

Posted by: Melonie Dodaro

Viral  touch: Short post


This post is posted by Melonie Dodaro which showed a cute puppy and a teddy bear, with a narrative short post “How adorable is this?! Go ahead and share it.” which got over 1,700 shares.

The reason for this post going viral is that it include a cute photo, the post is short and it has great Call to Action.


  1. Shorten your word post when you are posting on facebook.
  2. Use an eye-catching image to tell your message.
  3. If you want to give more information to your fans. You can also add a link to your post.

The post that uses Good Call to Action Go viral

Actually, it’s not a bad idea to ask your fans to do something. In fact, it can make your post go viral. So, issue a challenge, ask a question. Tell your fans to tag that post to their friends.

Why the Good call to action post go viral:

  1. The good call to action motivates the fans to take action. Due to which the post get more exposure and response from the fans.
  2. People love those post which gives direction like “Click like if you agree”.

Here is an example of a Facebook post that gone viral due to its Good Call to Action:

Page name: Gallery 2166

Viral Touch:  Good Call to Action.


This post was posted by gallery 2166 with a simple call to Action which says “Dare you not to share this. It’s too amazing. Over 11,000 Facebook users shared this image so far.


  1. Just like this post, tell your fans exactly what you want your fans to do after reading this post. But be careful and don’t request your fan to like your post.
  2. Whenever your fans respond, take time and respond to your fans.

The post that quiz people Go viral

People love quizzes and there are few people who resist taking a quiz, especially one that provides (or claims to) a glimpse into your personality.

You just need to post something which almost seems like common sense but should actually be difficult to figure out.

Why the quiz post go viral:

One of the good reason, people share quiz post to their friends because it gives them a glimpse into who we are, what we’re interested in, and what we value.

Here is an example of a Facebook post that gone viral due to the quiz:

Page name: Social Eyes

Viral Touch: Quiz


This post by social eyes is a good example of quiz post which generates almost 5m shares. This post consists of 16 question which is built around color and it also provides options to share their score with their friends, which make this quiz post appealing.


If you want your facebook post to go viral, then create something like this which will help your fans to determine about your brands, products, and services and who know any of your posts can go viral.


Do you really want your facebook post to go viral then this are the few post ideas you should not miss and learn from them if you do not want to lose your facebooks fans?

And remember, Don’t lose your facebook fans by posting poor content. Keep your Facebook post engaging, interesting and easy to ready for your facebook fans just like the post mention above.

And, let us know how it goes!