Social media is the number one daily activity among the Americans and that makes social media critical to every business’s marketing initiatives.

Best Social Media Marketing Ideas

Answer this question. Can you show up at your work without pants? Absolutely not. It is embarrassing and not acceptable. Inactive social media channels are same as showing up at your work in your underwear. It is inacceptable in social marketing.

With changing trends every then and now, it is not easy to keep up with updating your social channels. But here, we have got you some of the best social media marketing ideas that will help you get through 2015 and will be critical in 2016 too.

#1 A Rockstar content

Some things are always here to stay. Quality content is one such aspect of marketing, which will always stay with it. Content was, is and will always be the king in market.

But what qualities should your content possess to make it the king in 2015?

Insert personality in your content

The word social media has the word “social” in it for a reason—to make it more human. Humanizing your content is important in social media. By humanizing your content you’re humanizing your brand. Social media is mostly used as a time-pass entertainment.

So why not add humor, spunk or inspiration to your content? Take this example of BarkBox. Founded in 2011, BarkBox is a monthly subscription service of dog goodies. Its Facebook page has helped it build a base of over 200,000 subscribers. If you visit their FB page, you will see that the page is so popular because of its hysterical, adorable and relatable content.

This below post managed to grab almost 10,000 likes in just 13 hours. This not only shows the level of interaction in the content, but also increases the chance of this post being circulated in the news feed of the followers.


Should inspire some action

What makes your content more engaging is its ability to inspire some action by the visitor. Take the example of Lay’s “Do Us a Favor” Campaign.

In this contest, you have to submit a new flavor to Lay’s. The highest voted flavor, on Facebook and twitter, will become Lay’s new flavor and the submitter will win million dollars. Along with the winner, the person who will cast the largest no. of votes will become the “Food Ambassador” and will get $10,000.

#2 Become mobile savvy

Did you know the average person spends 4 years looking down at their cell phone over a lifetime? Pinterest users are 92% mobile; Twitter users are 86% mobile; Facebook is 68% mobile; and Tumblr is 46% mobile.

As comScore states, users spend more time accessing social media from their mobile devices and tend to share social media content 2X as much as those on a desktop.

It is an important step for 2015 SMM strategy to include mobile and tab friendly sites, content, blogs, and applications. 64% smart phone users expect a site to load in 4 seconds and if it doesn’t they get away. So being mobile friendly is a win-win for marketers.

#3 Invest in video-based content

Video marketing was already a popular tool for social media marketing. Not only the popular channels are launching native video mediums but also are turning towards video advertisements.

Facebook has launched its native video platform, which already is achieving 3 billion views per day. Facebook-owned Instagram has also launched video ads, which include direct-response functionality, such as the ability to link to a website or app.

Twitter has also jumped on board with its own native video platform, which allows media companies to distribute video clips and ads inside users’ Twitter feeds.Brands can create videos for up to 10 minutes, while normal users get only 30 seconds.

Why not to incorporate these tried and tested platforms offered by the big players themselves, which are pocket friendly too.

#4 Use SnapChat

SnapChat is actually the only social media that provides content to the users in real-time.

SnapChat has been successful in establishing themselves as a bigger player. SnapChat has launched portals like Discover (launched in 2015), live stories, own native video, which have helped the likes of ESPN, Comedy central, and 2016 POTUS candidates to reach out to the voracious users of this media.

The best part about SnapChat is that it presents your advertisement as a product.

#5 Facebook product display ads

Facebook as well as Instagram’s new Display Ads are making social marketing more dynamic. Its new ads, called Product Display Ads, allow a brand to place carousel-style ads in the News Feed of users.

These ads display multiple products which benefits the user as well as the merchant. According to Facebook itself, these ads increased click-throughs by 34% and decreased cost-per-purchase by 38%.

These ads allow merchants to make room for more information in one space and are compatible with all type of devices. This in turn is very cost efficient for merchants.

#6 Curation

85% of the content that is shared on social media is curated. Content curation means collecting, organizing and publishing the content that is already there.

It is clear that customers are less interested in promotional content. So, it is better to not force feed customers with self-promotional bragging, but to share valuable and popular content with them. The best way to do this is to curate relevant content that provides your followers with information they need.

The biggest example of content curation is the very popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The campaign went so viral on social media during July 2014, that it saw 2.4 million Facebook videos and 2.2 million twitter posts and ended up raising more than $100 million in just 1 month.

On 1 August 2015, the ALS Association re-introduced the Ice Bucket Challenge for 2015 to raise further funds.

#7 Social media demographics

Social media is ever evolving. The popularity of different social media platforms isn’t permanent. It won’t be surprising if today’s audience start favoring another platform tomorrow.

As social networks are evolving, so should your social media strategies. That is why you should keep an eye on social media demographics.

The best example of changing trends can be observed in POTUS elections. In 2008 POTUS campaign, Barack Obama, a then unknown name, majorly utilized Facebook as a platform for his campaigning. By the end of his campaign, Obama had 5 million social media network supporters. And the rest is history.

Now, for the 2016 POTUS elections, popular faces of the presidential race are using SnapChat to launch their campaigns. From Hilary Clinton and Jed Bush to Rand Paul, all the front runners are using SnapChat as their campaign’s platform. Mrs. Clinton’s first official rally was compiled into a “live story” and SnapChat’s 100 million daily users saw “Hello, Hillary 2016” live story in their feeds.

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