Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be defined as one of the proven tools to attract traffic to your website. It is a fact that the earlier the website appears in the search engine result lists, the greater the chances of people visiting the site. Thus, there is a clamor amongst website owners to appear high in search engine rankings.

As an internet marketing strategy, SEO experts always research on how search engines work and what kind of material people search for on the websites. There are more than 14 billion internet users every month and it is purposeless having web presence unless you are able to drive traffic to your site. The more the visitors to your site the greater the chances of acquiring new customers – and boosting your business.

Most Internet users visiting a search engine, type in a keyword or key phrase and look through the top ten, or at best top twenty, results.  If your site does not rank within the top 10 or 20 results, the target audience who are invariably impatient will not access your site.

SEO strategies are rather vast and complex and entail many different techniques. The basic aim that SEO fulfils is enhancing the overall visibility of a website on search engine results pages.  Study reports reveal that 80% of traffic to a website emanates through the search engines. More and more business organizations hire SEO experts as part of their web promotion strategic initiatives.

Optimizing search engine may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to increase its relevance to specific keywords and to overcome barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Link building play a significant role in SEO and for this the web site must obtain optimum links from other quality websites.

It is said ‘Content is King’. SEO Content writing involves the process of seamlessly integrating keywords and key phrases into the actual content of the website. Obtaining directory listings is essential if the site is new or it is a site without inbound links. A good way to start is to get listed in as many well known directories as possible. Though many search engines have ceased using Meta tags for ranking a web page, it is still worthwhile to include them.

The Keywords, Title, Image Alt text, Text and overall design – are all influencing factors in determining how the website will rank in search engines.

We are keenly aware of the crucial role of SEO in Internet marketing. Our SEO team understands how search engines work, in what manner visitors search and the actual key phrases or keywords they type into search engines. We also know which search engines are preferred by your targeted audience.

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