Technology has reached to that stage that research predicts an average time spent with digital media per day will surpass television viewing time, thereby enhancing chances of promotional work getting more exposure to public through digital media. Digital media has entrapped all the possibility of a successful business adventure that there is no further necessity to exemplify if we quote digital media is a strong weapon of marketing. Among digital media, SEO has added a new dimension to digital marketing. Chances of an advertisement, work, business website, organization getting visibility, reaching people, frequency of appearing in searches will amplify if we employ digital media instead of our conventional methods of marketing. With enormous competitors it’s immensely hard for a website to get noticed when visibility is the criteria to a ranking. Ranking decides which site will appear in a search when words are typed by users.

SEO – Today’s need

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strong weapon of web marketing throughout digital media. Search engines pick up the most relevant results in the desired searches. Keyword density, meta tags are important to a great extent to narrow a search to the most relevant, while in some other it’s the correct links, older domains that are crucial to get noticed and so on. Search Engine passes through a stint of operations-crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy, and retrieving before it lands up with the accurate search result. Hence chances of a search getting void in the process cannot be nullified if accurate search tips are not followed.

Here comes the necessity of search engine optimization. Optimizing with technical knowhow can get one website to be on the forefront in search engine ranking when any exact or relevant search is directed. With enormous competitors it’s hard to get a website noticed when visibility is the criteria to the ranking.

Some tools available to work on optimization among several others are

• Keyword forecast tools

• Content tools

• Converter tool

• Robots.text generator

• Title optimization

• Google snippet preview

• Copyscape

Google revealing its guide to SEO optimization stresses on the following in a right manner to crawl to the top

• Use of SEO description meta tag, improvements in URL’s ,

• Catchy anchor text and heading tags,

• Optimizing use of images,

• Effective use of robots.txt and

• Promotions and analytics

SEO – Revolutionizing Business

In this world of competition and thousand others grudging your soldier at the same time, without the right applications, right tactics chances of failure and perishing cannot be ignored. Instances of business getting prominent with SEO by getting traffic aligned to their site are plenty.

Greeting Card Company NobleWorks rises with SEO usage after employing SEO for its business. Impeccably it has seen 30% increases in traffic, an 8 point improvement in average bounce rate and attributes its success to the firm employed for leveraging SEO

A top financial advisor in Boston for 2010, 2011 and 2012 and founder of Meridian Financial Advisors mentioned that before completing the SEO optimization, Meridian Financial Advisors’ monthly website traffic was around 128 visits which soar to 343 after optimization and continued to grow with168% growth rate.

University of Dayton, Ohio stated that its certain educational programmes were not reaching its intended users as the university name did not come in local search before they took to SEO and added “Ohio” to the title html tag of these program pages.

Therefore in business to university programs it’s SEO that’s capturing the online marketing and will continue to be dominant in the coming years. Those having online marketing goals of redeveloping business outlook, opening new business ventures, increasing publicity and reaching out globally to new clients SEO will be the worth taking option. Search engine will continue to be everyone’s favorite and optimization will consign in a precise search to grow and gain from the endeavor.

A tip for businesses in this new year- Think like a content marketer, analyze like an SEO (Source: SearchEngine Watch)

Common SEO Mistakes