Inbound Marketing Ideas

Inbound Marketing Ideas

This blog has been preaching content marketing pretty hard the last few months because content is the core concept of inbound marketing. To us, content is what brings all the boys to the yard, not milkshakes. Content really is king. Creating great content, and it’s importance, cannot be overstated. We’ve said the word content a lot in the last sentences.
Great, now with content firmly established and out of the way, let’s talk content marketing ideas and how to write engaging content. That’s the million dollar creative question isn’t it? How do I create exciting material that will get views. What content marketing ideas will work best…how about the best kind of content: enjoyable content!

“Alright, i’ll bite: what do you mean when you say enjoyable content?”

What I mean by enjoyable content is pieces that are created to make people smile, content that makes them laugh, content that they find real value in. Enjoyable content is content that’s shared with their friends, content that people think about later in the day and smile to themselves about. Enjoyable content is that content that you don’t mind seeing because it’s…well…fun!

So let’s touch upon some tips to keeping your content light and fun, while also being detailed and worthwhile, and appealing to readers! Let’s go:

1. Avoid The Sales Pitch

It is paramount that we touch upon this first: do not sell in fun content. Don’t do it. People don’t like being sold to while reading a DIY guide on baking a cake or planting a garden. While getting people to buy your product or service is the end goal, the purpose of fun content is to provide people with something that is solely for their enjoyment. If they come back to your website and inquire about products afterwards, great! If they don’t, well that was never the purpose of the content in the first place.

Save the sales pitches and sales-style content for product related posts and articles (although those should populate your blog either). Sales pitches are best used in email messages and through posts and announcements on social media about offers of some kind. Fun content is about the viewer, not your business. In the end, fun content will bring enough visitors to your site that the sales will follow.

2. Know Your Audience

As with any aspect of business, knowing your target audience is vital to your success. Knowing your audience and what they’re needs and wants are, the things they find interesting and find value in is crucial to creating great content that they want to read.

But how do you identify your target audience well enough to focus squarely on them? Well you might try creating Buyer Personas. A buyer persona is a detailed profile of who your target customer or client is. It’s who they are, their demographic, company size and style, their personality and interests. While it requires some research, and there are templates out there to help the process, knowing who your targets are helps to create content that they find value in, that they view as fun and sharable content.

3. Create Varied and Different Content

Like the man who had to eat hot dogs every day for every meal and eventually dislikes hot dogs (for good reason), reading the exact same style of content can get old for most people. Whether it be a blog, article, eBook, or any other type of content, varying the design and layout of the information is important to keeping things fresh. There are numerous varied and appealing formats for content marketing ideas.

Perhaps you have a topic on the wildly popular Pokemon GO app and want to write about it, what approach should you take? You could do an article in story style with traditional paragraphs and structure. List style articles are an incredibly popular option as well, with articles titled “Top 10 dog breeds” or “9 family dogs for you) being examples. You could create a slideshow style article with multiple points that users can flow through, or do an article with the quickly growing “Twitter Style” article. A Twitter article is one that collects people’s reactions to a topic from around Twitter and then embeds them into the article. It’s easy, and people can use the article to see what others think.

4. Make It Easy To Read

Ok this suggestion is more of a stylistic suggestion. Let me ask you, have you ever found an intriguing article only to find it difficult to read? Maybe the paragraphs are too bulky and need page breaks, or my the sentences are too long. Perhaps it doesn’t conform to your phone or other mobile device. This is a need people don’t often think of when making content.

Following best practices for writing online, you should try and keep your paragraphs short with only a few sentences. You should aim to keep the sentences from running long or using too much punctuation (I am guilty of this one). And you need to make sure the article is easy to read on mobile devices, as 50% of people read information from their phones today.

It’s very important that you make it easy for people to read your content. If you don’t, they’ll go some place where it is easy and you don’t want people to miss out on your fun.

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