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“Generating leads isn’t easy”

Lead generation plays a major role in every business’s marketing strategy, just like retaining them should be. Relationship building for businesses can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary. Developing a  relationship with a customer, even when using integrated marketing channels, is difficult. In fact, it is the most challenging part of your marketing strategy. It is the biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regards to lead generation is generating high-quality leads (61%).

And this struggle to build relationships has transcended simple communication and extended into a company’s website. Just think of a time when you visited business website and it made you never want to come back.


Most of you wouldn’t remember. It’s not because those websites were not visually appealing, but that they have failed to connect with you on a personal level. In other words, their product failed to do what a website should do; make its mark. That’s not the case with Adobe. When people think of Adobe, they either think of Photoshop or Acrobat Reader, but they’re entire company, not just the website, is one that reminds you of them down the road. Adobe has always taken their customer as first priority and work on their customer need and want.

But have you ever wondered how Adobe reached top and what made them so successful? Let’s take a stab at it:

“Content” is The First Ingredient.

content marketing adobe

When I was a child my grandmother used to take me for an evening walk. Once in evening walk I saw an old house and I asked my grandmother, “how old is that house?”

And my grandmother replied, it must be “150 years old.”

I said “what” 150 years how could that house is standing for so long and my grandmother replied

“It’s the foundation, that’s holding this house for so long.”

As is the case as with the house, the foundation of an online business can set it up for long lasting success. Content is the foundation of the lead generation effort, through content you can effectively grow your followers, fan, and subscriber. Adobe is one B2B business that attracts visitors with unique content and converts them into leads with great success. That’s also a reason why Adobe is acquiring Livefyre, a content marketing and engagement platform that can help Adobe’s clients capitalize on user-generated content.

From this, you can understand why content is important and how content plays an important role in generating leads.

Here are some ways how content marketing generates leads:

  1. Attracts the right visitors to your sites.
  2. Keep visitors engaged enough to be willing to give up information about themselves.
  3. Generates social shares and inbound links.
  4. Creates brand awareness to engender brand preference and influence future purchase.

So, if you want to be like Adobe, and want to generate more leads, then you must start creating unique content that will help you reach people with what they want.

Their Website is Built Like A Great House

How do you want your house to be built? You design everything and place everything in its place so that everyone likes your house when they see it. Same goes with the website.

If your website is not designed well, there is no chance you will retain the visitors. Plus, your unique content won’t work to its full potential. There is no question that websites play a major role in generating leads, and Adobe already knows that when it comes to generating leads your appearance must be stellar.

Adobe’s websites are like their house; everything is in right place. The visitor can navigate easily and find what he is looking for, as it’s UX is impeccable. If you still doubt us, you can go and have a look at Adobe website yourself. Adobe has always believed that user-friendly products are the essence of great experience. And they have not limited this philosophy to its products, as their website also generates excellent leads.

Here are some ways websites generate leads:

  1. Rank high for their target markets in search engine results.
  2. Grab the attention of prospects when they get to the sites.
  3. Use forms that visitors are willing to fill out.
  4. Get valid and sufficient information from visitors to generate quality leads.
  5. Use effectively calls to actions that convince and convert.
  6. Offer as a source of thought leadership and expertise for target leads.

Here are the seven steps that will help you to get a rocking websites that will help you to generate more leads and unique visitors.

Your Landing Page Is A Helping Hand

landing page development

Landing page is one of the huge assets of the business which try to convert the visitors into leads.
But before giving some information about landing page I should have to correct myself that your visitor is not blind if your visitors find your landing page irrelevant to the information then he is never going to visit your website and there is no chance that you will get any visitors. Always remember that your visitors are not blind, so always provide them relevant information.

Lead generation landing pages are used to capture a user or company’s information in exchange for something, such as access to content or a subscription. Through landing pages, Adobe grabs the interest of their visitors and they do so by providing them unique content, great graphics, and infographics. By doing this they engage with the audience and there is little chance that they will leave without interacting.

Always remember you have two seconds to grab the interest of the landing page visitors, if you fail, your lead will bounce and they will never come back. Here are the 9 tips on how to craft an effective landing page. Hope this might help you to create a good landing page experience for your visitors.