Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

Content Marketing is the backbone of inbound marketing. Inbound Kitchen creates content that provides value to the audience: content that educates, entertains, and persuades. Content marketing services provide a variety of bonuses for your company, such as:

Increase Sales Leads

Using content, you drive people to your site by providing them great information and value, asking for some of their information for it, and growing them from visitors into leads for your sales teams.

Thought Leader Status

By providing value in the form of great content that your audience wants to read, you establish your business as a thought leader in your industry with your detailed and informative content.

Improved SEO & Traffic

Content is what people search for and content helps build your SEO. By creating content that people will search for on Google, you increase your chances of being found by potential customers.

Planning Your Success

For all of our clients, we create a customized content marketing plan that is assembled to help you reach your target audience in the most effective way. Our content marketing plans feature content that your audience wants to read, optimized for SEO, and that will keep them on your site.

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Content Marketing can vary in form, and is important as it keeps people coming back to your site without the looming “hard-sell” of traditional marketing, and will help improve SEO. Some key examples of content marketing we provide are:

Blogging allows for introduction of articles and stories that can be used to increase your SEO and keep people engaged on your website. Blogging is a great tool to use in the first stage of the Buyer’s Journey, Awareness. By providing great content, we keep people coming to your site and aware of the products and services you offer, while building up the SEO of your site in the process.
eBooks, Whitepapers, and Case Studies, premium content is exactly that: high level, detailed content. We use premium content as a means to acquire information from qualified leads through the use of forms. If a user fills out a form, they are then transformed into a lead. Depending on the type of content, their lead quality can vary and provide more insight into the leads needs.
Connecting with your customers on a monthly basis, we create newsletters that offer news on your company, promotional alerts, sales, and any other information relevant at the time. Our newsletters are designed and written for engagement with the audience and are able to be created to fit your needs.

With our digital content marketing, your B2B Marketing Strategy can grow leaps and bounds and offer a better ROI than traditional marketing. Take these statistics for example:

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