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What Makes a Facebook Post Go Viral?

There are quite a few factors that make a post viral on Facebook. Think about it from the follower perspective: why do you choose to like or share certain Facebook post? It is because they share valuable content that appeals to your interest and needs, emotional content, or it is image, facts, video, challenge, discount […]

5 Reasons Why a Social Media Campaign Can Bring You New Customers

Unless you are living under a rock or you don’t have access to internet connection, you must be aware how important social media is for acquiring new customers. More than 64% marketers saw lead generation benefit with social media and 86% of marketer said that social media was important to their business. Using social media enable your business to […]

Beginner’s guide to social media reach

You need to track the right social media metrics so you can evaluate the results of your social media campaigns, and as a beginner, you might not know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to one of the most important social media metrics: reach.

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