Our Approach is Agile!

We believe in an incremental results driven approach – Plan, Execute, Measure, Rinse & Repeat. We execute multiple small campaigns learning from each one and climbing up the growth ladder systematically.


Inbound Kitchen creates your marketing campaigns after research and study of your target audience.


We watch, listen, and analyze the early results of a campaign and plan changes to be made.


We change the campaigns in near real-time to reflect the feedback from the analytics and the audience.

What is Agile Marketing?

The best way to describe Agile Marketing is with this definition: “A high-communication, low-documentation, rapid iteration process designed to provide more frequent, more relevant, and highly measurable, marketing programs. Ultimately the goals are speed and innovation.”

Agile marketing is adjusting to changes in marketing campaigns as they happen and using actions that maximize the ROI of the campaign. This could be responding to a customers complaint or question, changing something during the middle of a campaign to maximize its value, or any number of other examples.

Inbound Marketing Process

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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Scott Cook

Agile vs Traditional Marketing

Where traditional marketing followed a set routine of “implement campaign, let campaign run, collect results, repeat”, our Agile Marketing methods focus on constant interaction, changes to campaigns when the need arises, and efficiency.

Rapid Communication

Agile Marketing adjusts to the changes in a campaign in real-time, changing copy, taking advantage of breaking-news type of events, and appeasing customers for your brand. Where traditional marketing is slow, Agile is quick and responsive.

Shorter Efforts, Bigger Bang

Instead of long and drawn out campaigns, Agile campaigns are shorter and more reflexive than standard marketing campaigns and focus on “short” messages perfected over time, as opposed to one hard, set-in-stone message and goal.

ROI-Focused Marketing

As your Marketing agency, Inbound Kitchen is always monitoring and adjusting your marketing efforts based off of performance and outside elements for maximum ROI. Every action is an experiment in efficiency.

Customer Focused

Agile marketing puts the focus completely on that of the customer and providing value to them and the target audience, with a focus on the customers buying process instead of the company’s selling process.

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