About us

Inbound Kitchen was born within a web / mobile development company, Snyxius Technologies with the need to help startups drive growth on limited budgets. Having worked with a few hundred startups, we mastered the art of lean marketing and branched out as a separate entity.

Coming from a technology background we understand the science behind search engine optimization, social customer acquisition, user experience and retention. We now work with businesses of all sizes and across different verticals such as technology, education, consulting, manufacturing and e-commerce businesses. We also like working with small businesses helping them with local traction and increasing footfall to retail outlets.

Our results driven approach can help with –

  • Increasing Targeted Traffic through Organic Channels
  • Generating more leads
  • Reducing your Advertising Spends
  • Improving Conversion Rate of your Website (check out http://funnelup.co)
  • Increasing Brand Awareness

Persona & Goal Driven Marketing

Our marketing is persona & goal driven. We study your business thoroughly to understand your target audience and create buyer personas around it. We also like to understand where you are in your business and how quickly you are looking to grow. Our game plan depends on those personas and goals to get you the best results possible.

Our Philosophy

We are transparent in our approach. We tend to under-promise and over-deliver. We collaborate and work with you closely on our campaigns. Inbound Marketing takes time and we set clear expectations. We’ll tell you if you are being un-realistic. We believe in incremental, agile driven marketing – Planning, Executing, Measuring and Tweaking. We keep re-iterating to drive up your ROI.

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