10 Things to Know about Social Media

Social media is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to promote a business. Social media provides a platform for content to be viewed, shared and potentially go viral. For a business to become successful, they must provide relatable social media content to get the attention of a viewer and make them a loyal consumer who appreciates your business product or service. For a viewer to become loyal, there must be an attention grabber that draws them in and makes them want to seek additional information regarding your product or service.

The best way to grab an audience attention is through social media because it is free and extremely impactful. Knowing how you are grasping the viewer’s attention can be measured through reach, the amount of viewers who see your page or post. Knowing a company’s social media reach is key to knowing what you are doing right or what you are doing wrong in attracting a possible customer.

Around 2.1 billion people use social media. Many of those 2.1 billion users have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Competition for marketing content is growing and companies social media sites must increase their game in order to get potential clients.

Here are five ways a business can increase their social media reach to get the attention of viewers that turn into loyal customers.

1) Solid Content 


For a message to interpret correctly, there must be solid content that is impactful and gets the viewer’s attention. Having strong content is  essential for an increased social media reach. The content needs to be presented in a way for an audience to easily comprehend. Keep content simple but embrace it with key words that will stick out and grab the readers attention. Content with bullet points, numbers, and bold text will stand out and make it easier to process the information. Divide your text into paragraphs to keep the content organized. When writing a social media post, ask a question or provide a numeral at the beginning of a title to make your content stand out. For example, “10 Ways to Increase your Content Marketing,” would be a title that stands out. Try many different titles and keep track of your social media to see what titles are the most effective.

Use a Content Management System (CMS) to build and organize your content that can be shared on social media sites to increase your company’s social media reach. WordPress serves as a CMS tool for blogs. HubSpot, a resourceful CMS, personalizes your content to schedule and post to many social media sites. Content comes in many forms. With Twitter, a company must provide text no more of 140 characters presented in real time. Instagram and Youtube’s content is more visual with minimum text but conducted in a picture or video form. Choose the social media site depending on your audience and then write the appropriate content.

Your company’s social media reach will increase with the right content depending on your audience and topic. They key for a company is to attract viewers with solid content that will keep the audience’s attention and increase their social media reach. Choose different content for each site and remember to keep it simple for the goal of increasing your companies social media reach. Also, check out 15 Types of Content that will Drive you More Traffic.

2) Viral Visuals 


A great visual is how your content gets noticed. Images, infographics or videos attract viewers and encourages people to click on your post. Viewers are more likely to notice content due to aesthetically pleasing or intriguing visuals. A picture, known to say a 1,000 words, can be extremely powerful it its shown with the right context. A video is one way for a company’s product or service to entertain and go viral. Infographics is a way to incorporated stats and facts in a visual matter.A great visual not only gets a person’s attention but communicates a message that will make people view your story.

Statistics for Visuals 

39 percent of B2B buyers shared infographics through social media on a regular basis in 2014. Businesses grow in traffic 12 percent more with infographics. 40 percent of people respond to visuals versus plain text. A purchase of a product is 85 percent more likely after viewers watch a video. Check out 19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Marketing (Data) (Source:HubSpot).

3) Trending Hashtags


Hashtags have become a leading way to know what is trending, or becoming a popular topic in the world. This pound sign is an easy way for viewers to find your content without constant searching. Most successful social media post with a high social – media reach volume stem from hashtags that attract viewers. There are many hashtag tools to guarantee the most effective trends and increase social media reach. Keyhole is a tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook regarding real-time hashtags.

The hashtag symbol became an international hit during the Iranian election protests from 2009-2010, and have continued to reflect updates by keeping the public informed regarding social issues, trends and general news. Twitter’s “Trending Topics” became a popular way to see what was happening in the world. Hashtags make it easier for the audience to find your story.The audience can know what is trending in the world based off of specific hashtags. You must first seek what is popular among your target audience to know what is trending. By promoting what is trending, viewers will more likely click on your post, which produces an increased social media reach for your business.

4) Interaction 


Interacting with viewers is powerful because it shows that you care about them. The best way to interact, depending on the social media site, is through likes, follows, retweets, favorites, comments and shares. Interaction provides a platform for viewers to voice what they really think about your post. Interacting with viewers makes it more personable. Ask questions on your social media post to to get viewers engaged. Interacting increases your company’s social media reach. Make sure to put in a comment button after your content so people can voice their opinion. Comment on your viewers post with suggestions and tips. Share is caring and if you share the viewers post the chances of the viewers sharing yours will be higher. If you’re engaged with your viewers, the audience will feel comfortable and interact back which will drive up your social media reach.

5) Staying Local


Viewers like post that involve a personal connection. The best way to drive the personal connection is by posting local topics. Depending on your social media post or blog, write or share something that is only in your geographical area. People are more likely to view post when it relays proximity. Pick one day a week to just post topics that stem from your local area. For example, for a technology company in Austin post about technology topics just based in Austin. Your company’s social media reach will increase because people are intrigued of what is happening locally. 

For more information regarding how to increase your company’s social media reach, check out 7 Free Ways for Boosting Your Social Media Engagement.  For the best times to post to your social media site, check out Huffington Post. For inbound marketing tips, check out 5 Things to Look in your Inbound Marketing Agency.

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