Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that draws people’s attention. In contrast with the traditional tactics of marketing, known as outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses on a more creative approach that attracts customers. Inbound marketing agencies provided marketing services in the creation of content. The content is demonstrated by blogs, infographics, podcast, eBooks and more. Inbound marketing has 54 percent more leads than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is not only more effective, but less expensive than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is known to be the future of marketing.

Firms specialize in specific services that provide companies with the ability to just focus on their product/service and leave getting customers attention to the inbound marketers. Many inbound marketing services include how the content is produced. The productions ranges from eBooks, Blogs, Video Blogs, Social Media Interaction and more. An inbound marketing firm needs to know who their target audience is and focused industry. Knowing a company’s competition is also important in terms of marketing in the right way. The tools that marketers use is crucial to an inbound marketing service. Are inbound marketing firms using tools like Google Analytics, WordPress or HubSpot to provide the most effective content to draw in people? Or are inbound marketing firms using different approaches that is not known to the public? In all, inbound marketing consist of many inbound marketing services that need to gain the goal of converting people to a product/service they are promoting.

Here are five things to look for before hiring an inbound marketing firm.

1. Content


Inbound marketing agencies need to know how to produce the right traffic at the right time and the only way that can be achievable is through the right content. Content is the main ingredient in inbound marketing. This is how the audience is drawn in. There is also different stages in which an audience receives information. 

For a customer just wanting information on the product or service, eBooks are the way to go. eBooks offers concrete facts around a subject. Many eBooks contain visuals, such as infographics for the audience to better understand the product or service. eBooks are beneficial for the information stage of an audience.

Blogs, a way to promote content, provide quick facts that answer questions in an entertaining way. Blogging remains one of the most popular inbound marketing strategies that have launched companies success rate. Video Blogs have emerged in the last decade and provide information through video footage. Video blogs command people’s attention through a visual stimulation. A study has found that out of the 300 million Americans, 187.8 million watch 46.6 billion online videos. Blogs and videos are for customers who want additional knowledge about a product.

Social media is a very powerful tactic in inbound marketing. With social media, everyone is a gatekeeper. In fact, 71% of the world uses Facebook. Many inbound marketers use social media that will impact a specific audience. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus are the main sources for content to go viral.

2. Target Audience


Who is the target audience that the inbound marketing agency is trying to convert? Just like content, people go through stages from informational to conversion. Inbound marketers must provide inbound marketing services that attracts a specific audience. The audience could be a business seeking a product/service for the company, or maybe an individual who is looking for a product/service for personal reasons. Is the inbound marketing firm trying to attract a specific demographic or gender? Depending on the product/service, an audience may differ throughout time. Just like content, an audience may be in different stages that an inbound marketing agency need to adapt to. The agency should be able to understand the audience well and create ideal buyer personas based on that. The entire marketing efforts need to be around these buyer personas.

3. Industry Expertise


When looking into hiring an inbound marketing agency, find out who their prior clients are to better understand what the focused industry is about. Some marketing firms specialize in a specific industry, such as politics, technology or environmental. Some firms consist of a broad range of clients. Find out if you want a inbound marketing agency that specializes in one industry or has a broad range of knowledge in all. The benefit of going with a specialized industry is the firm usually has a ton of knowledge in your field and knows specific terminology, history, key people, problems and solutions that can better address the content that is being promoted. The advantages to having an inbound marketing agency that works with many industries is the broad range of knowledge that is the firm could have in many areas. Some firms have international clients, while some are just a specific region. Before hiring an inbound marketing agency, discover past and current clients and specific industries associated.

4. Tools/Resources


What tools are being used in your inbound marketing agency? Examples of marketing tools are WordPress, HubSpot software, Google Analytic, Google Adwords and SEO software . Every Inbound Marketing Firm needs to be efficient in SEO (search engine optimization) in order for people to seek out your business.  A free service, Google Analytics , keeps track of page viewers, location of viewers, bounce rate, keywords and more.HubSpot is the number one resources of inbound marketing. This software offers numerous inbound marketing service, training and support. According to HubSpot , leads are increased by 93 percent when companies use this service. WordPress  is a content management resources produces the content of blogs. WordPress gives one access to SEO, keywords and links. Before hiring an agency, make sure that the inbound marketing services provides consist of effective resources and tools that will benefit a content’s structure.  The right tools used by inbound marketers will increase overall traffic.

5. Competition 


It is important for agencies to do research and know their client’s competition. Why is knowing the competition important? For an inbound marketing agency, their job is to know the advantages and disadvantages of their client’s business, products and services. Knowing the clients competition and how they produce content will give an inbound marketing agency better knowledge about who they’re up against and how to produce specific content to reach an audience. It is important to know if your agency is also working with your competition. This could be problematic if the agency’s clients are competitors and a company may need to go elsewhere for an inbound marketing service. An inbound marketing agency’s knowledge of a company’s competition gives a better understanding of how to market a product that produces greater business than a company’s competitors.

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