Email marketing can be a huge boon to a company if done correctly. As it pertains to B2B marketing strategy, an excellent email marketing strategy allows the company to reach out to prospects, leads, customers, and lost customers and portray their message. But what separates good email marketing strategy from the bad? What makes email a great way to communicate with customers and generate leads? Well, let’s look at some examples of great email marketing, and why they are so good.

1. Litmus

For those unaware, Litmus is a service that let’s you input the HTML of your email into their system and then see its display across a multitude of devices. Litmus is a great tool if you send emails, newsletters, or anything else out electronically and want to know how it shapes up on desktop and mobile devices.

Now a product that specializes in sending emails that look good on every device should probably know how to craft a good email, and Litmus didn’t falter on it:


Litmus created an easy to read, well designed, and animated email to explain their services. While the first two points of that (easy to read and well designed) are givens, it’s the animated portion of it that makes the email stand out. While most emails are standard text or HTML, this animation is different and eye-catching. It draws the reader in and keeps them on the email longer with the better chance to read the copy around it.

2. Dropbox

At some point in every marketers career we all have sent out some form of the “cold” email, or the “revive” email as I like to call it. This email is sent out people who haven’t used your service in a while, or maybe they started using a competitor’s product or service for some reason, or maybe you’ve just grow apart. Either way, we’ve all sent that email trying to spur action from a portion of the audience that doesn’t interact with us. Dropbox, the cloud-sharing service, created a great version of their own:


This email addresses the missing user in a funny, colorful way that injects a bit of personality into the standard email form. It uses humor in it’s copy, imagery that looks positive in the future as opposed to the depressing current state of your Dropbox, and it’s easily digested with its small size. This type of email is also a good opportunity to offer a small reward for people to come back with, a carrot on a stick, if you will.

3. Frontier Air

Frontier Air is a regional airline service in the southwest. It is known for cheap fairs to some of the major hubs in the area (Hello Vegas), but its email marketing strategy is also great, as it sends out some of the best emails I’ve ever got in my promotions folder:

The above image is one example of Frontier’s funny email offers that also happens to offer a great deal for the reader. You might remember during the 2016 Presidential Primary race that “DeezNutz” was a funny name that got put in for Primary consideration. It was a good laugh for the week it appeared (because who wouldn’t find that funny in this particular election race) and Frontier Air capitalized on it. By grabbing the pop culture reference at the right time, coupling it with a huge discount offer, Frontier Air uses the funny to push the deal.

4. Harry’s

If you listen to any podcast these days you’ve no doubt heard of Harry’s Razors. An an eCommerce razor company that makes their own blades and competes with the shaving giants, Harry’s has been making a name for themselves with their quality products and service. They also happen to do email response really well too!


That is an order response email I got from Harry’s after ordering a shave kit from them. Notice that it’s not just an automated response like every other site, but it offers helpful tips for the shaver to use to enhance the process. This type of automated response is generally one people ignore, but Harry’s adds value to an email with its tips that is just a nice little extra something.

5. Apple

The tech giant itself has always done great advertising and marketing. Thinking back to it’s many commercials, campaigns, etc, their email marketing is also a great example of good strategy:


Like their regular campaigns, their emails are heavy on the Apple design aesthetic is clean, easy to read, and shows a product that looks sleak, sexy, and modern. The copy is almost non-existent and instead focuses on the product with a simple button to click for more information and to buy. Email design and layout are very important to the readability and success of emails, and Apple nails it.

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