Marketing has changed more in the last decade than it did in the previous five decades. Over time, outbound marketing has gone sour with both consumers and marketers, while the new kid on the marketing block—inbound marketing—has grown up and is more loved by consumers and marketers than ever.

The pace of change in inbound marketing is accelerating faster than the speed of gravity. New jobs have been created and new designations are being named. Here are the five newest and coolest job titles and the roles they perform in an inbound marketing agency.

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1. Mobile Marketing Manager

Over the past five years, tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of inbound marketing. More consumers than ever are walking around with these portable computers in their pockets.

Today’s consumers want interactive, visually impressive websites and they want them on their smartphones too. Mobile applications have become the breakout trend of the decade. Cashing in on this boom can help you find a niche in the market.

A good mobile marketer can make the mobile internet work for your business. A specialized mobile marketing manager knows how to market your business over cell phones and can balance everything from pay-per-click ads and mobile application content to the design of cost-efficient smartphone app templates.

So instead of having a senior marketer from your marketing team manage your mobile marketing, hire a mobile marketing manager. This new job is the future of inbound marketing and sounds super cool too.

2. Analytics Adviser

Any type of engagement you make with a customer, directly or indirectly, creates a data point you can use to improve your business and study customer needs.

The data collected from incoming traffic, including what and where a customer clicks on your website, social media post views, interactions made on social media, and engagements on your mobile app needs to be properly collected and analyzed to understand that customer’s experience.

Thus, the outcome of this data should be applied to the marketing strategy of your business. An analytics adviser is equipped with the knowledge to analyze your customer interactions and report them. He or she interprets that information and translates it into richer interfaces that create more profit and a positive market influence of your business.

The analytics advisor can also communicate the results of your marketing campaigns on different platforms to your partners, as well as existing and potential clients. He or she can provide them with solutions based on collected and analyzed data to reach company objectives and gain more business.

3. Digital Advertisement Manager

Advertisements have always been a part of marketing. For decades, print and television advertisements have led markets into success. Though they’re still in use today, they’re not as popular as they once were. As the internet has become ubiquitous, digital advertisements and media have ended the domination of outbound advertisements.

But digital advertising on the internet is time and energy consuming. It’s not easy for a marketing team to handle internet ads alone, as it takes time, effort and creativity. Consider hiring a person with special creative capabilities so your business can step into and achieve success in the world of digital ads.

A digital ad manager’s capabilities go beyond the work of managing video-based ads, graphical ads, designing banners, rotators and burst ads. A digital ad manager must also navigate through the web to work and find the best space to showcase your business so it reaches your most viable customers.

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4. Social Media Specialist

The number of social media users and platforms is constantly growing and social media is no longer limited to Facebook and Twitter.

The importance of social media specialists can be judged by the University of Florida’s degree program in social media. Gone are the days when one person from the marketing department used to blog, keep an eye on Facebook posts, handle newsletters and post 10 tweets a day on the company Twitter account. Social media now needs special attention.

A social media specialist directs social media initiatives, manages company accounts on different platforms and strategizes marketing plans for all of these platforms. The job of deciding which hashtag to accompany your latest post to deciding your next meme is all planned by this expert.

Social media has also become an important place to monitor your consumers’ feelings and attitudes toward you. Consumers are more verbal than ever and don’t shy away from reviewing your products and services on social media. It’s high time your inbound marketing agency hire a social media specialist.

5. Community Executive Manager

Before inbound marketing, the term “business community” meant that companies within each other’s reach formed a community and relied on community support and goodwill for their business.

With the expansion of the internet, the idea of community has also widened. With the internet going the way of the Silk Road, websites now have a national as well as a global reach. Customer range has expanded and the idea of community has changed vastly, even for small businesses.

Community managers have always been there, but they only report to their marketing executives. As the meaning of community has changed, jobs working with the community should too. Thus, the need for a community executive manager.

A community executive manager manages the managers, facilitates the conversations that take place in the communities your business is associated and to keep up with the times, works hand in hand with analytics insights.

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