The words “inspiring” and “B2B” don’t often appear in the same title. And making B2B marketing appealing can be challenging, to say at least.

But in the last several years, B2B marketers have turned heads with some of the most creative campaigns in marketing history. Here are the five brilliant B2B marketing ideas you should steal (ahem… borrow) for your marketing inspiration.

#1 GE: Childlike Imagination

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GE has invested in brand storytelling for two decades, and as a result, it has developed a number of award-winning campaigns. One of its best campaigns was its Childlike Imagination advertisement, which gave the public a great opportunity to engage with its brand.

The commercial features a little girl, symbolic of every GE employee. She uses her vivid imagination to describe her mother’s work at GE.Within three weeks of its debut, the campaign received more than 1 million Youtube views!

Within three weeks of debuting, the campaign received more than a million Youtube views.

Why it works

  • The campaign contains a super engaging factor—a cute kid.
  • The video appeals to working women and mothers.
  • The storyline is emotional. Studies have found that emotional content is twice as effective as content that is purely rational.
  • The computer-generated imaginary used in the video brings the girl’s imagination to life.

Marketing ideas to take from the campaign

  • Tell a story that appeals to your audience’s hearts as well as their brains.
  • Resonate with your viewers using thematic visual tropes.
  • Powerful graphics and visual content can multiply the effect of any marketing effort.
  • The brand play is crucial, as these campaigns are inspiring and shareable. Set aside money in your budget and make a place in your content marketing schedule for pure brand plays.

#2 InVision: Inside Design series

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Launched in 2011, InVision is a prototyping platform that lets businesses collaborate on designs. Its user base has more than 700,000 clients, but its power lies in the unique content on its blogs.

InVision recognizes that designers are passionate about what they do, so its content marketing strategy focuses on the passion of its audience, rather than the product it offers.

Its blogs provide insight into designs that can’t be found elsewhere. They feature profiles on designers, design strategies, design inspirations, and efficiency tricks. InVision doesn’t mention its own platform on its blogs.

Why it works

  • InVision’s content marketing strategy focuses on the user, not its product.
  • Its content is unique and relates to its niche.

Marketing ideas to take from the campaign

  • Focus on the needs of your users.
  • Content is king. Present your audience with unique, useful content.

#3 NewsCred: High Fashion, Great Content

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NewsCred is a digital marketing firm that makes software and provides services for content marketers. NewsCred launched its campaign microsite, High Fashion, Great Content, to give its audience an “ultimate guide to content marketing.”

The microsite was a compilation of stories from different fashion brand campaigns, a topic that resonated widely with its target audience.

Why it worked

  • NewsCred associated the campaign with top fashion brands like Chanel, Burberry, and Nasty Gal.
  • The site launched during New York Fashion Week and incorporated the event in its content.

Marketing ideas to take from the campaign

  • When launching a campaign, leverage trending topics and events related to your niche industry.
  • Mention the brands or businesses you appreciate in your content.
  • Be interactive. This will enhance the story around your campaign and engage your audience better.

#4 Juniper Networks: Deception Force

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Though everyone expects network security firms to be boring, Juniper Networks managed to bypass the typical. It came up with a fun way to engage its audience with a mobile game called Deception Force.

Deception Force: “Know, Control, Expose” is an award-worthy security campaign. The game doesn’t involve the usual tactics practiced by security providers. Juniper Networks used the compelling power of storytelling to gamify participation in its promotional campaign.

Why it works

  • Free apps like video games work successfully among young people.
  • It is a clever and nerdy idea from a data security company.
  • The app’s gameplay relates to what Jupiter does without depicting the company in the game.

Marketing ideas to take from the campaign

  • Think of fun ways to approach the topic of your campaign.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks with your content and try new things.
  • Think about improving your campaign’s user experience according to the needs of your audience.

#5 IBM: Build a Smarter Planet

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IBM built a unique marketplace for its brand because of its long history in the computing world. Unlike its competitors, such as Apple or Google, IBM doesn’t have flashy consumer appeal. What it does have is a loyal client base.

The brand launched its “Let’s Build a Smarter Planet” campaign in 2008. Its impact was so big that even US President Barrack Obama was awed.

Why it worked

  • The campaign echoed the vision of the company behind it.
  • The campaign made its presence felt on every social media platform available, including Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The campaign was also associated with TED, the global set of conferences.

Marketing ideas to take from the campaign

  • Exploring social media platforms and having a present on them is helpful for even B2B marketing campaigns.
  • For executing a big idea, even simple themes combined with startling and effective works.

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