Being creative is not common. You have to be remarkable, innovative and extraordinary. But being creative isn’t for everybody.

Most of the marketing campaigns, even if they are using the best known marketing strategies fail because of their uncreative foundation. That is why we have got you 3 most creative marketing ideas ever used by different agencies to have a historic niche over every marketer out there.

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

A worldwide marketing campaign launched by Unilever, Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, triggers the emotional issue of Women not feeling comfortable in their own skin. Dove took the initiative to make women, worldwide, more confident about themselves and to celebrate the natural physical variation they have embodied.

In 2004, a study conducted by Edelman, stated that only 2% of the women around the world described themselves as beautiful. This campaign was started to address the issue of “real beauty”. Dove’s first step into the campaign was the introduction of “Tick Box” billboards. The billboards featured images of women with two tick-box options next to them such as “grey or gorgeous?”

People could text their vote to the number listed on the billboard. This drove 1.5 million people to the Campaign for Real Beauty website, making Dove believe that it is on the right track and should pursue this subject.

Dove Marketing Campaign

A few months after the “Tick Box” campaign, Dove launched its first print campaign. It showed real women of different size, color and shape, without any airbrushing or Photoshop. This campaign was groundbreaking in its own right.

Jean Kilbourne, creator of “Killing Us Softly”, is studying advertising since ‘70s. Kilbourne, in a HuffPost article, said that Dove is one of the only mainstream brands that show how the society defines female beauty. “There are so few commercials that in any way are different, that challenge the stereotypical images”- Kilbourne said.

Dove Real Beauty Marketing Campaign

Seeing the stir the campaign was causing, Dove moved beyond just “marketing” and created a fund with other organizations to organize activities that deal with topics like online bullying and photography projects capturing the beauty girls see in the world around them.

Dove didn’t stop there. It created many short films like Onslaught, Daughters, which showed a series of interviews with mothers and their daughters; and Evolution, showing how makeup and airbrushing can make an average woman look like a supermodel.

Evolution (19 million views) proved to be the tip of the iceberg and made Dove’s Campaign a house hold name. Dove continued with these short films and made masterpieces like Real Beauty Sketches (66 million views) and Patches (21 million views).

Being a woman, I take the liberty to say that Dove really has made a difference here.

HBO’s TrUe BLOOD : Revelation Campaign

In our list the second most creative marketing campaign goes to marketing campaign for HBO’s first season of True Blood. The story line of the show is- A synthetic blood drink is invented by Japanese scientists, which can sustain a vampire’s thirst for blood, eliminating the need of human blood. This made the vampires “come out of the coffin” to become members of society.

True Blood Marketing Campaign

The first season of the True Blood series was launched in 2008. And the marketing campaign for the season was launched as a prequel to the actual series. Creating “mystery” and “intrigue” was the motive.

The campaign started with targeting the top horror and Goth writers in the US. A vial of blood like liquid with messages in some “dead language” was anonymously sent to them through mails. There was also a URL on the vial directing the bloggers towards BloodCopy.Com.

BloodCopy.Com was a “vampire only” website, where ‘real-life’ vampires could connect to each other and discuss their impending “coming-out-of-the-coffin” moment, using the synthetic blood, to the wider world. The exclusive access to a real looking and legitimate vampire website made the bloggers wonder what was going on, and they shared their curiosity with their readers.

The campaign was extended, looking at the heavy positive response it received. This time, “Timing” and the “humane” factor played the major role. This campaign involved a wider audience. HBO started selling a new beverage called Tru:Blood, a “not for humans” drink, which was actually the carbonated imitation of the synthetic blood, “vampires” needed for survival.

TruBlood Marketing Campaign

HBO hit the nail with incorporating the 2008 POTUS elections with the show’s campaigning. Posters demanding equal rights for “vampire” citizens were showcased across all the metro cities. This part of the campaign drew parallel lines with real world as LGBT rights were hot button of 2008 POTUS election.

Vampire Support Campaign

The first episode of the series garnered 1.5 million views on TV alone. A job done immensely well, HBO brah!

Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign

In 2007, Barack Obama was a one-term senator with no recognition and a name that was familiar to a particular “bad” guy. A year later, Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. How an unknown name became the President of one the most powerful countries in the world and at present is the most powerful person in the world?

The answer is INNOVATION. For John F. Kennedy it was television and for Mr. Obama it was Internet. Yes! Mr. Obama’s use of a new media, that changed America’s politics forever, was the main reason he won the elections. Internet helped an unknown Obama to raise the highest amount of money any presidential candidate in U.S. history ever had, ultimately making him win the title of 44th American President.

How did Obama achieve success using the new budding technology of digital marketing? The other campaigners were using the playbooks of past campaigns to fight against each other. Hillary Clinton used what worked for Bill Clinton. John McCain used what worked to elect George W. Bush. But Mr. Obama realized that to become the President, an afterthought wouldn’t be as helpful as it seems.

Obama had a keyword for his campaign from the beginning- “Change”. The word “Change” appeared everywhere in his campaign – from social media such as Facebook and Twitter to all his YouTube videos. He used Internet to organize his supporters, which saved a lot of campaign money and lessened the use of manpower too.

As a result of using digital marketing for his campaign, Obama not just became the 44th President of the US, but was also voted as the “Marketer of the Year” by Advertising Age, leaving behind Apple.

Just like Kennedy brought in the television presidency, Obama opened the gates of Internet presidency. 2016 POTUS candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are using social media like SnapChat, for their campaigning.

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